DeWine to propose 18 cent gas tax

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Governor Mike DeWine is expected to propose an 18 cent per gallon tax increase to the General Assembly.
The increase would take the 28 cent tax to a 46 cent per gallon tax. The State is staring down the barrel of a $1 billion budget deficit for bridges and roads over the next 10 years. The move will raise $1.2 billon per year, putting Ohio on par with neighboring states, except for Kentucky which has a 26 cent tax.

DeWine credits inflation and lower gas use because of fuel efficiency as the primary driver behind the need to raise the tax. According to, public policy author Matt Mayer says, “Kasich kicked the can and left a stink bomb on the door of DeWine.”

The State has been propping up the roads budget with in $1.5 billion Ohio Turnpike bonds sold in 2012. The current bonds are paid from turnpike toll revenue and won’t be repaid until 2048.

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